Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back in the Saddle

As life begins to settle back into a semblance of routine, I'm back to my story in progress and the reunion is just like having coffee with a friend you haven't seen for some time.  It's so much fun to catch up on all the things you've missed out on.

On another note - some marketing friends have approached me with some new ideas for The Treasure of St. Paul and I find myself conflicted.  It has been some years since the book was published and one would consider that it has lived it's life and can safely drift off into the land of backlist and yet . . .

I'm considering another investment into marketing, even while I'm struggling to get the newer stories published and marketed.  The marketers also asked me if I'd considered marketing it to Hollywood.  Hello?  I can SO see Antonio Banderas as Dominic.  Yes, I know Antonio is Spanish, but after someone suggested him for the role that hardly seemed relevant.  Am I holding onto a relationship that has run its course?  I should be investing in newer stories, shouldn't I?  CONFLICTED!

Points to ponder - but for now, I have to finish the story in progress!


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