Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Call of the Wild

Remember how I was going on about the snow?

We had another storm, just as peaceful, and DH and I sat back blissfully ignoring it until the next day when we went out to clear a path into the world. So while DH was blowing the driveway clean, I took a shovel to the back deck and spotted something odd in the backyard. At first I thought it was a tuft of grass, as if a squirrel had gotten hungry and dug through the snow to find some nuts.  There were also several sets of animal tracks in the yard. But something didn't look quite right.  So I wandered into the yard to take a closer look, and am I sorry I did!

No. It wasn't a tuft of grass. The first spot I came to was actually the squirrel's tail.  EWWW. And just beyond that, well let's just say it was a pile of uninhabited fur.

On that happy note, I was happy to go back inside and finish working on editorial comments that I'd received for Living Canvas. Yes, I finally got professional feedback, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. This story has been a struggle for me, and after all the iterations, I needed that fresh set of eyes. Her comments were upbeat, positive, and the areas for improvement were completely do-able and not a surprise to me. That being said, I think I can put this story to rest. I'm shopping it one last time before I move on to the NEXT BIG THING.

In honor of "the end," here is the inspiration for the setting in Living Canvas. Isn't it a beautiful house!


  1. I poped over from Ashley's google+.
    A squirl tail? EWW! Hope it didn't nest under the hood of the car. One keep chewing my daughter's wires up under the hood.

    Nice blog. My is more mommy and kid oriented. Malika Bourne

  2. Thanks for stopping by Malika! No, the squirrel didn't next in the car (at least not this time). I just saw someone at the oil change place though, where animals had clogged some woman's cabin air filter with seeds and critter food! They may be cute, but they can do an awful lot of damage!