Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I love you, Mom

Words that bring tears to a mother's eyes, whether they are spoken by a one-year old or a twenty-one year old.

Permit me a day of self-indulgence.  For those of you that have been following my blog, you know that I have an intense day job, which is one of the reasons why I write. Stress relief.  October 15 is one of those deadlines that my crew has to meet. There is the satisfaction that comes with meeting a deadline, but angst when you realize there are other things demanding attention and no time to get it all done. As I was riding home on the train, exhausted and frustrated by the pain of the deadline, I started looking ahead to my next commitment. 

On top of deadline, I had a book signing on Saturday (which went very well, thank you to everyone who came out!). Next weekend I host a baby shower. The weekend after that is another book signing. Then there's the next book, which I would dearly love to get to my editor in November, but I have edits yet to push through. This has been a very busy, intense couple of weeks with more busyness all the way through October, and then there's the Christmas season peaking at us. Yes, I was beginning to feel very overwhelmed. Can you see me with my hands in my hair, my eyes bugging out? For those people who ask, "Wow, where do you find the time to write?"  Well, some days it isn't easy, but again, it's my outlet, and when I don't find the time to write, it makes me that much more anxious and stressed.

So back on the train, riding home after deadline, out of the blue (and isn't that when it means the most?), my cell phone vibrates. In the display, a very short, but extremely well-timed message. "I love you mom :-)"

Gotta tell you. That never gets old.

One day, my son will find his Ms. Right, and those messages will likely be harder to come by, but until that time, I'm going to enjoy every random expression of love that comes my way.  He's going to make some lucky girl a great husband one day.

I love you too, EJ.

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