Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn Winds are Blowing

Frost on the ground. Squirrels rototilling my garden. I'm a spring/summer type person. I like warm weather. Anything below 70 degrees F is chilly to me. Autumn, so far, has been fairly mild. I can't complain, but the winds of change have buckled in. Had to turn the heat on last week -- we're hitting the freezing mark. Suddenly. Went from 70's down to 40's. No gradual easing into it this year.

One thing I have to admit - although I like the warmer weather, it is much more comfortable sleeping in the cool weather.

While I was out taking a brisk walk, I came across this gem in our neighborhood. Not only are they sharing their books and promoting literacy, they are even giving you a bench to sit on while you read.

And speaking of books . . . Heart For Rent, with an Option will be available for public consumption on November 4. I still have a limited number of Advanced Reading Copies available for reviewers. If you are interested in a reviewer copy, please shoot me an email (there's an email link on the "About the Author" tab above). I look forward to seeing you at the release party on my Facebook page! Pass the word, invite your friends.
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  1. We've been below freezing for that past two nights. Don't like it much because it means winter is coming soon. I started reading your advanced copy last night and it grabbed me on page 1. I am really enjoying this book.

  2. Glad to hear you're enjoying the book :-)