Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pre-Holiday Stress

In case anyone hasn't heard, I do love Christmas. Really. Carols, movies, books, cookies, the whole she-bang. But you know what? It's November 12. Know what else? I went to a store two weeks ago, right after Halloween, and heard Christmas music.


I watched television the other night, and they are running Christmas ads.


The babies are having birthdays this weekend. Thanksgiving is around the corner. And yes, Thanksgiving is late this year, which means less time for Christmas shopping. And THEN, I got an email about Christmas cookies. Now I am a cookie-holic, and I will always set aside time to make Christmas cookies, but right now, I'm feeling overwhelmed.


All of that aside, yes, I got suckered into a Christmas movie on one of those channels that run Christmas movies all through December (and now through November as well).

Taking a deep breath. Everything will fall into place. Kundigerin 2 is two-thirds written and isn't due to the editor until February (of course a lot has to happen to it once I finish it, so that is less time than you think!) Next year is already presenting challenges for me, but one day at a time. Right?

I will visit the babies first (I have their birthday presents!). Then I will look ahead to Thanksgiving and enjoy the people I am able to spend the day with. And THEN I will venture into Christmas territory. The writing part of it will fall into place and if all else fails, I still have vacation time at the day job that I can use to accomplish any of the tasks that fall behind.

The advertising agencies may be trying to rush me with premature holiday stress, but in the end, it's about sharing the season with the people you love. All the rest is just window dressing.

Did I mention I bought my first holiday book to read? Yeah, I'll get to it eventually. In the end, I'm still a sucker for the holidays. Even if I'm not ready.

If you're looking for holiday cookie ideas, visit my Pinterest Cookie page. Happy to relieve whatever stress I can!

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