Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

Greetings and felicitations.

Keeping this post short because I'm BUSY EDITING and must maintain focus. So first, let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. A fresh start, a new beginning. Celebrate safely.

The first draft of Kundigerin 2, tentatively titled Gathering Mist, is complete and I'm working through the kinks. Have to say I'm happy with the end result, even as I worried that I was meandering aimlessly through for a while. That doesn't mean I haven't botched some of the details, which now have to be corrected and cleaned up. I'm on my editor's calendar for the end of February, so release date is looking like sometime in April. I'll keep you posted. And for some reason, the main characters' names aren't sticking, mostly as a result of "writing rules." Marissa and Wolf will make an encore appearance from Mist on the Meadow and will be joined by their new friends.

I wrote my first royalty split check to the crisis center for the first quarter after the release date of Return to Hoffman Grove. The book has been getting positive reviews to date and I hope that if you've read it, you will leave a review of your own and tell your friends to buy a copy. I will continue to split royalties for the first two quarters of 2015 with the crisis center. If you're concerned that the story is about domestic abuse and might be heavy-handed, that part of the story is a subplot, a cause for Cinda to champion. Domestic violence is addressed, but it does not take over the story. Those people who hated Cinda in Living Canvas have reported back that they loved her in Return to Hoffman Grove! Please help me in supporting the crisis center and buy a copy of the book. You're not only helping a good cause, you're getting a good read.

And now, back to work. The Kundigerinen are battling evil forces to save the world!

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  1. As you know, I loved the book and wrote a review. Can't wait now for your next one to come out.