Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rising Mist Cover Reveal - Part 2

Destination - Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is home to red rock views, hiking, shopping, dining. Tours are available to take you through town or into the backcountry to explore Native American history, geology, botany--you name it, they got it.

Take a Jeep over unpaved roads to explore petroglyphs on sandstone. Ride a hot air balloon and let the landscape provide you with a spiritual experience. Fly in a helicopter, slide down a natural water slide or visit the vineyards for afternoon wine tastings.

And then there are the vortexes. Sedona is a mecca for "New Agers" seeking a deeper meaning to life. The vortexes are said to project energy which puts you in touch with your inner self. There's something magical about the vistas, the rock formations, the undercurrents that give peace to your soul. The indigenous people will be happy to share legends with you.

What a perfect place to stir up some magic for Max and family!

Tomorrow - the legends.

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