Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Space Between

My blog title today is part of #MyLifeisaMusical. What does it mean? I'm filling the space between when "this" book is (nearly) finished and continuing with the next one.

I'm reading through the proof copy of RISING MIST one more time to see what was missed on the gazillion times my editor and I have read through it already. (Something always slips through.) Until I have that one "out of mind," I hesitate to move forward on the next novel, so I'm doing those things I haven't had time for while pressing forward to get RISING MIST done. Reading. Cleaning my house. I've also been working on marketing (you all have pre-ordered a copy, right?)

Social media these days is more visually driven, so I've been working on memes (on what? DH asks me). Memes are pictures with snippets from the book (or cute captions when not book-related). Here are a couple to acquaint you with Max, the hero of my story.

And now I have to get back to the deadline at the day job...


  1. Memes are fun. I should make some more. Looking forward to your official release day.