Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Books that alter your life

Have you ever read a book that changed the course of your life?

Raising my hand. I can think of one that I read at exactly that point in my life when I was at a crossroads. It moved me to action, sent me on a journey to an imaginary place. I've read that book at least three times, and could probably read it again.

Many books have deeply impacted me. Some have introduced provocative subjects that made me think. I saw recently that they made The Shack into a movie. I found that book to be very profound. I wouldn't say I agree with it anymore than I do the Dan Brown books (many of which I have also found very thought provoking), but it does make you stop and think. These authors have a platform to express their thoughts and feelings and beliefs in a fictional format. One man's journey. I can't say they challenge my belief systems, more like they enhance them. How often do you stop and wonder if something like that could really be true? For instance, The Inferno. Biological warfare. Overpopulation. It could happen. And that's what makes for compelling fiction.

Which brings me to our world of conspiracy theories. We live in an interesting time in history. So much so that I'm considering writing a conspiracy theorist in my next book. When coincidence steps in and lends a hand to troubling times, imagination takes over and invents reasons for these things to happen. We've had computer programming issues at the day job with some of the tools we use on a regular basis. I have a program on my home computer that has decided to stop functioning properly. In a world filled with cyber criminals, it is an easy leap to theories these gremlins in the machines are more than they appear.

But I digress. 

Maybe your reading list hasn't changed your life, but it has spurred you on to a course of action. A trip to a faraway place that you read about. Trying something you've never tried before. What books have you read that have spurred you to a course of action?

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