Sunday, August 23, 2009

Harry Potter

We finally made it to the movie!  I'm not sure that people who haven't read the books can follow these movies quite as well.  As it was, there were some things I double checked with my son that didn't seem to make sense.  Obviously, they can't cram the entire book into a 2 hour movie (okay, it was more than two hours), but there were some critical plot points that I felt were missing.  That didn't stop me from enjoying the movie.  Nice mix of teen angst, coming into responsibility, etc.  Two things that bothered me - what happened to Dumbledore's hand? (they tell you in the book, but not in the movie) and if there are seven horocrux, why are they only searching for one?  They could have made a movie about the seven horocrux, I realize, but a quick rundown would have been nice so we don't think only one of them matters.  They showed two of them, but without explanation.  Again, I did enjoy the movie.  Lots of action, a little bit of sweetness, a touch of dark.  And, best of all, some mom/son time before he leaves for school.

My week of staycation is coming to an end.  Still have lots to do in the new book.  I'm better than half way through the writing, but there is a lot of editing already waiting for me.  A first draft is often a very detailed outline for me.  I like to get it all down, but often leave out critical details.  Pushing forward, I'm finding some of those details that need to be inserted/ corrected.  Working on a major plot point right now, and I've been procrastinating to make sure I get it right.  The closer I am to what I want it to be, the easier it is to edit later.  I've also noticed that some of my characterizations and themes have fallen out somewhat in an effort to get the story down.  I'll need to insert a few more of those fun little bits, although this story has a bit more pop culture to it, so I'm concerned about borrowing rights to songs and lyrics and other pieces of trivia that have woven their way into the story.

So much for procrastination.  It's time to eat some lunch (or is that procrastinating again) and then I have another chapter to complete!


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