Saturday, August 29, 2009


I bought a new toy.  A USB turntable (and about time!)  I grew up with music and as I got old enough to buy my own, I did.  Probably more than I should have.  I have lots of vinyl, some of which has not been replaced on CD or iTunes.  As I begin to digitize my collection, I'm trying to start with some of the records you can't find anymore.  For some of them, this is a good thing (that you can't find them anymore).  For instance, I have Rick Springfield records from 1972.  That's pre-Jessie's Girl and General Hospital for anyone who even knows who Rick Springfield is.  Some of these songs are HORRIBLE.  I'm sure even he would agree, and yet some of them I still like.  It doesn't hurt that the man is very easy on the eyes :-)  His music has improved over the years, although I stopped buying his albums long ago.  I read in the paper the other day that he's 60 now (yes, that's older than I am). 
Other "ancient" music I'm doing today - Queen (A Night at the Opera, Jazz, A Day at the Races), and the New Seekers (yes, they did more than commercial jingles - Pinball Wizards).

All this while I slave away with my latest book.  Did I mention it has a lot of pop culture written into it?  Hence the connection with old songs and the drive to convert them to digital media.  The soundtrack to the story (no these albums don't apply to the story, they're just the ones I picked to go first).

In the meantime, DH has found the hole the critters made to gain entrance into my house.  YAY!  It's hard for human folk to get to, however.  BOO.  But he's my hero, doing his best to save me from the wild beasts.

Do you have "guilty pleasures" in music?  Those old songs that maybe aren't so good, but you still love them?

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