Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

This holiday is a little different for me.  I'm glad to have the day off, but my house is just a little emptier than in prior years.  I'm now officially an empty nester.  My children are intelligent, responsible young adults.  I know they still have mistakes to make, but hopefully they'll learn from them.  And now it's time for me to recapture my own life!  Doesn't stop me from being just a little melancholy.  For this past week, every time I look at my son I see a blond little boy full of smiles and giggles always ready for a cuddle and a lullaby.  My mother says that's how it works.  She still sees a little girl with curls every time she misses me.  Those are the best times of our lives, lessons my children will learn one day.

And more nostalgia.  The road trip to deliver One Young Son to college pointed out all the songs I have yet to transfer from vinyl to digital.  Today's line-up?  Led Zeppelin and Loggins and Messina (along with Kenny Loggins solo).  I did tell you I had diverse musical tastes, didn't I?

Also spending time writing today now that some of the crush to prepare for college is over.  That's exciting! My latest story has been suffering from divided attention.  So back to work!

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