Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Keeping my fingers crossed!

First for the good news - I had another request for a partial of Epitaph! 

And now onto the day in the life.  On my morning commute this morning, I realized how much of a community train riders are.  For instance, there's the couple that just had a baby - I first noticed her when she wore brightly colored rubber snow boots.  Then, as I looked up to see who it was that was wearing these boots (and the man next to me was sniggering when he saw them), I noticed the baby bump.  Winter turned to spring and the couple disappeared, recently to rejoin the commuting crowd.  Then there is another couple - they're French.  The man makes me extremely uncomfortable.  He seems to have a temper, and he displayed it in the direction of his wife one day.  He speaks perfect English to some of the other riders, but to his wife, it's always French.  Recently, I noticed that she is pregnant.  Then there's the woman on the scooter, the gamblers that invite the conductor to join their pools, and a host of other miscellaneous personalities.  The thing about these people is that they follow routine.  We normally ride the same trains, in the same cars, usually the same seats.  We travel into the city and we travel home.  Same cars, same seats, same train times - for the most part.  Fodder for another story at a later date.  This is where writer's differ from the rest of the world.  We advance that step past people watching into imagining the lives we don't see.

For those of you asking, the door to the wild kingdom seems to be closed for now (finally!).  No more friends for the two furry beasts that I've invited to live with me.  Which reminds me - I watched a special last night on a man who had BEARS for pets.  Real live bears.  Black bears and Grizzly bears.  Interesting show, but really? 

Before my random thoughts continue to generate, I think I'll close out for today.  Otherwise I imagine people will have a hard time keeping up with my rapid fire topic changing this evening!


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