Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy Holidays

Happy Hannukah to my Jewish friends, and Merry Almost Christmas to my Christian friends.

Today is decorating day.  Finally making festive around the house and doing some holiday baking.  With Thanksgiving falling late this year, I feel a little behind, and yet, not.  We have snow on the ground (it came early this year) and the temperatures have been plummeting.  Yes, it definitely feels like Christmas.  Now if I could just get my shopping done . . .

Haven't started watching Christmas movies yet.  DH has been humoring me since I don't have my children around to help me celebrate the coming of the season (isn't he wonderful?), but not sure how many Christmas movies he can stomach.  And we have shopping yet to do.

Every year at this time, I'm sure I want to write a Christmas story, and yet it seems they've all been written.  How many variations on a theme can you do? - but they still keep coming.  It seems almost as if its getting so diluted now that the stories aren't very imaginative any more.  Do I want to add my name to that list?  The trend this year seems to be single mothers catching new husbands that bond instantly with their kids.  Seems a bit of a stretch, but I suppose there's always hope, and isn't that what Christmas is all about?  I'm sure one day I'll try my hand.  Last year I had a decent idea, but I never sat down to compose it into a story.  Keeping my options open.

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