Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Snow Lay on the Ground

Watching the pictures of the storm that blasted through the East Coast (much more interesting than watching the Bears - they might have been better off to miss their flight after all), its a sign that winter has arrived.  Yesterday was the Winter Solstice, which means the days are getting longer now.  Can I get a yippee?  Some friends of ours throw a solstice party every year, but since they live 200 miles away, we don't usually have the opportunity to go.  Maybe next year . . .

Lots of druidic rituals attached to the solstice times of year, which reminds me to sharpen my research there.  Always wanted to write a druid book.  On my list for the New Year, but for the moment, I think I'm going to take that leap and try my hand at a Christmas story.  Of course no one will want to read a Christmas story in February, or July, but by next Christmas.  Considering the time I will have to polish it up, maybe it will be a welcome relief to some of the drivel I've seen this year.

Already the stores are stocking up for Valentines Day, and Christmas isn't over yet.  A sure sign of the times when they start skipping over Christmas to get to the next holiday.  I thought Christmas was THE holiday to market.  And the news markets are starting to revisit the year 2009 as it comes to a close.  The most fascinating people, the biggest news stories, etc.  For me?  I'm going to enjoy today.

My own pace of life tends to be way too fast so while I have a break from the day job, I'm going to watch the snow fall.  I'm going to bake some bread.  I'm going to watch yet another Christmas movie (because that's what I do this time of year - but I'm going with the classics today).  And then I'm going to watch the snow fall some more as a backdrop while I transcribe the story that is building in my imagination.

Next week I'll set my New Year's goals - after Christmas.  In the meantime, enjoy the peace and love of the season. 

Merry Christmas.

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