Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I resolve . . .

To write that Christmas story (even though Christmas is over).
To start my next novel - (watched a Paranormal State marathon last week, and I'm still contemplating druids - maybe splice the two together . . . )
To ramp up marketing for Epitaph (I got so excited over the initial reaction, I didn't broaden my field as much I normally do)

But right now, I've been working on my treadmill, all the livelong day.  It was a Christmas present, and I LOVE it.  I've got these marvelous Jillian Michaels workouts that come with it (free!) and as soon as I've finished one, I want to keep going!  This is going to be a good year for my fitness level, I can feel it. This treadmill is fun.  I can plug in my iPod, I can read a book, I can watch television.  This machine tracks my food, my weight and my exercise.  Now if I could figure a way to do research while I'm hoofing away, I'd be in heaven (don't own an iPhone yet, and too cheap to justify it at this stage). 

Happy New Year!


  1. I'd settle for a recumbent bike. I never could read on a treadmill or elliptical.

  2. Not sure what my resolutions are. Just keep trying, writing and dreaming I think. Losing a bit of that Christmas weight would help too.

  3. one year I actually lost the weight, but then I gained it back. Hence the treadmill, which I'm determined will make the difference!