Monday, July 5, 2010

Writing is rewriting

You'll have noticed the change in my posts, no doubt.  If you go back a couple, you'll see the quote I posted about the ups and downs, as posted by another author in my circle.

I'm 8 chapters into the latest and BAM! I hit a wall.  And so I began writing chapters ahead of where I should be because I'm struggling with forward momentum.  Not wanting to lose ground, I have placemarkers to go back to.  Today I went back to one of those placemarkers and have spent a highly productive day rewriting a poorly written chapter.  It's all part of the fun.  As we second guess ourselves as writers, we stall out until we catch our second wind (and third wind, and fourth wind).

Yesterday I couldn't think of a word to write, so I picked up the first book I published.  I wanted to measure my progress from that point until today.  I always felt that The Treasure of St. Paul was written from the heart and I have a great attachment to it, but I've been afraid to go back and read it fearing that I was mistaken and it would show what an unskilled writer I was then.  Years later, I'm still proud of that story, and although I did see some rookie mistakes and illegal point of view changes, I'm glad I wrote it.  The story was still as strong for me yesterday as it was when I wrote it.  Perserverance, hard work, sticking with it, writing, editing, rewriting.  It shows in that story and it is as true at any point in the writing journey.

Today I was able to continue on my present story, reassured that maybe, just maybe, I can write just a little bit.  Fresh ideas and marketing light bulbs popping.  I've also touched base with some old writing buddies who asked about my other stories as yet unpublished.  I'm climbing out of my rut with renewed excitement.  The icing on this cake would be hearing back from the editor who requested Epitaph at the writers conference.  Validation is a wonderful thing :-)

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  1. Totally agree that rewriting is where it all comes together. It's the 'getting something to rewrite' down that's the big challenge.