Thursday, October 21, 2010

Running Just to Catch Myself

Okay, my group has mastered another deadline, although they seem to be growing increasingly more difficult to handle.  As a result, I'm still catching up with myself having assisted my team to the detriment of my own responsibilities.  That being said, I haven't done any writing for two weeks and I'm going into withdrawal!

On a sadder note, I lost one of my cats ("lost" being a euphemism for "he died") during this breakneck period.  He died on a Monday, and I didn't even have time to properly mourn him untiil the following Sunday.  Work/life balance should still include at least 10 percent life, right?  Why does it feel less than that?

Taking a deep breath, moving forward and away from the "killer" deadline.  The teeter-totter is balancing out a little better now (although work is still the up in the air end).  Anxious to get back to my work in progress - I'm heading toward the finish line!  Also managed to squeeze in another query to a reputable publisher soliciting proposals and weighing some marketing options that have been presented to me.  What do you think?  Do you think The Treasure of St. Paul would make a good movie?  I can SO see Antonio Banderas as Dominic! He wasn't the model when I wrote it - I didn't really have one, per se - but he fits the bill perfectly.  Is it worth investing (before Antonio gets too old) in marketing an old novel to Hollywood? (tongue in cheek, in case you can't see me.)  My brain is still fairly scrambled from the crush of work, and the catching up, so that I can't even seriously weigh such a decision fairly.

Oh well.  Hoping to be back on track now.  Thanks for your patience!

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