Thursday, November 11, 2010

Catch the Fever!

Cliches, old advertising maxims, but they're buzzing around me while my fingers fly to release my imagination.

Thanks to the critique group for reminding me of a fun acronym, BICHOK.  Usually, it's meant to tie you to your seat to produce, but in this instance, its a description of where I am and it gave me a smile.

With my seasonal job taking a brief respite, this is where the work "drag" releases me and I have enough energy left when I go home at night to press forward with my own life, or the lives of the characters that live in my imagination, as the case may be.  I'm currently experiencing a writing fever which will propel me (I hope!) to the end of my current work in process - and I still love the story I'm writing (that doesn't always happen).  The energy level is high, the words are flowing.  I'm excited that I'm finally going to finish this story!  Six months isn't an extraordinarily long period of time to complete a novel, and yet I've had long spells during the process where I didn't have the time I would have liked or enough inspiration and wasn't sure I'd ever reach the end of this story.

For those folks out there doing the NaNoWriMo, good luck to you.  It's a good exercise for writers that need a goal, but not something I could/would ever do.  If I didn't have a day job (and I'm thanking my lucky stars that I do at the moment with the economy the way it is), I might give NaNoWriMo a whirl, but with limited time at my disposal, I wouldn't make it, and I CAN complete a novel (five, count them, five completed projects).  So to those writers - Catch the Fever!  Be Inspired and Enjoy the Ride!

But now I'm rambling when I have characters who are waiting for me.  Ladies and gentlemen, I'm really thinking this has the potential to be that "break-out" novel.  There will still be editing once I've finished, but I've got the fever!  Convincing an agent/publisher will still be a daunting task, but at least I believe I have the raw material to start with.

Almost there!

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