Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas

I'm on the last chapter!  Yahoo!  But, of course, that comes with lots of editing, and then on to the query process. 

A friend of mine asked me if it was like when you read a book - kind of sad to get to the end.  I suppose in a manner of speaking, it is.  There are a few distinct emotions that jump out at me.  One is procrastination.  I'm not ready to say good bye to my characters (even if they will continue on in a sequel), so it takes a while to push through that last chapter.  Another is relief.  Phew!  I'm finally done!  Then there is "Egads!  Now I have to edit this monster!"  All three of these cause delays in finishing the thing and, as always, it's hard to finish without a contract in hand.  Talk about motivation!

Keeping a rein on these emotions - I need to push through, so even though I'm late in my blog posting, I'm going to keep it brief so I can keep moving!  The next posting should be a "DONE!" posting and from there, you can watch me through the query process - that is going to be my focus when this is done.  I've been slacking in getting the other stories out there, so once this baby is "in the can" I'm going to spend some time marketing.

See you soon!

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