Monday, December 20, 2010


First and foremost - Merry Christmas (and/or Happy Holidays)!

I have been busily writing query letters and a synopsis for my most recent story which I expect to start sending out after the holidays.  I sent out a "test the waters" query already, and it came back with the reply that they are out of the office until the first of the year.  I guess that buys me some reprieve and "polishing" time.  I'm still really excited about the story, in spite of being in the hard work portion of it; that being the editing and summarizing stage.

The holidays often bring additional stress, and this year, I'm making an effort to eliminate any unneeded stress.  One of these items is Christmas cards.  Do I feel guilty about that?  You betcha.  I also love the tradition of baking Christmas cookies.  This year, I made two batches - Saturday.  A week before Christmas.  I'd like to make more, but the goal in making them is to give them away and we're running out of days to give them away.  There's a chance I'll make more before it's all said and done, but that chance is greatly reduced.

In lieu of a Christmas card/letter, here are the highlights/lowlights of my year:
DH and I took a trip to Utah this spring to see Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.  We also visited Antelope Canyon and took dozens of stunning pictures.  The landscapes are by far some of the most impressive I've seen in the United States, so much so as to inspire the story I've just completed.  My daughter set a wedding date after a prolonged engagement (to finish school).  One Young Son is finishing his second year of college and is well on his way to becoming an educator.  We saw one niece and one nephew married this year and several new additions to the family (babies!) in that generation either born or nearly born (we are near the due date for two of them).  On the lowlight side, we said goodbye to one of our cats this year.  He was 16 years old and lasted a good, long time before giving up the fight.  When he declined, it went quickly - which is the merciful news.

I think that brings us up to date.  Wishing you blessings in the new year ahead and I'll keep you posted on how the book progresses.


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