Monday, December 13, 2010

Messages from the Universe

Coincidences, most likely, but motivation nonetheless.

I've written the last chapter, and it still needs work.  In fact, the most critical part about writing is rewriting and editing.  I'm at that stage, but suddenly I'm getting all kinds of messages from the universe (please note the tongue in cheek).  My horoscope is telling me to "put myself out there," which I am taking the liberty of interpreting as "start writing query letters."  I had a fortune cookie last night that told me failure is only a result of not following through.  Translation - "send out those query letters."  And on Facebook, my "message from God" says God is speaking to me and granting my request if I only put myself out there.  Translation - "Send out those query letters."  Hey, when the cosmos converges and sends the same message, who am I to argue?

And so I've begun the processing of formulating a query letter and constructing a synopsis, arguably the most difficult parts to writing a story.  I've been somewhat lazy with writing query letters on my last couple of stories and not very proactive.  Rejection can be difficult to deal with and I've had other things on my plate so I haven't been as dedicated to the process as I might have been.  But no more!  I have a lot of confidence in this latest story, and right along with it, renewed belief in at least one of the other stories that has been "stewing."  Translation - I'm writing query letters and I will be sending those query letters.  Taking a break from dreaming up new ideas and carrying forward new stories while I concentrate on the business end.  Of course that still requires developing and editing the requisite agent deliverables.

One of the major tenets of writing a query (of which I have recently been reminded) is to include the key points in your summary paragraph of the Goal, Motivation and Conflict of the story's characters.  On my first pass (aka "put something down on paper") I wrote a summary, but it was pretty bland.  Thanks to my critique partner for reminding me (see, it HAS been too long since I spent the necessary energy on these things).  Relearning old lessons.

So back to work while the cosmos is behind me and I have the energy and the motivation to push forward!  Onward Ho!

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