Monday, April 18, 2011

Tell me how to breathe with no air . . .

For most of America, today is tax day.  For the tax accountants around the country, this is the end of mayhem for them - the light at the end of the tunnel.  Some days I wish I worked in the tax department, but I don't.  I work in audit.  All things said and done, I prefer it this way, but on April 15 (or for this year, April 18), that light at the end of the tunnel is still a ways off, and then I'm envious of the tax folks.  Each tax season takes on a life of its own.  Some are horrendous, some are fairly smooth and virtually ripple-free.  This year has been a rough one.  One where you question your sanity and wonder why you work in such a seasonal job.  The hardest part is that the seasons seem to be running longer.  From the audit side of the business, I remember the days when they said it would be easier from a business standpoint if we could maintain some level of business throughout the year with less seasonality.  I'd like to say they've accomplished that goal.  There is much greater coverage throughout the year, but the seasonality is just that much more intense.

Enough whining.  Sanity levels are still in question, but yes, that light is in view and somewhere in the back of my mind I'm thinking about my writing.  With three books still on the shelf - to be published - I'd very much like to move those OFF the shelf, one way or another.  There was a fourth, also, but it was destined for the shredder almost from its inception.  Some ideas are just not meant to be and I recognized that almost from the beginning with that one, but it kept me moving forward at a time when my inspiration was running low.

So mostly I guess I'm just rambling today, but figured I better come up for air and let y'all know I'm still alive.

And now for the PSA of the day - support your Red Cross.  Those volunteers offer hope to disaster-stricken places around the world.  While I suffer through the insanity of working until my brain explodes, the people in Japan and the North Carolina are faced with not having a bed to sleep in at night, or a home to call their safe haven from the world.  Mother Nature has taken those things away from them.  Kinda puts things in perspective, doncha think?  So before I get too preachy - lend them a hand. 
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  1. Good to see you up and around! I think seasonal work has to suck--I prefer a constant workload that one can get "comfortable" with.

    Terry's Place
    Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

  2. I wouldn't mind a constant workload. I don't even mind being busy. I HATE the insanity of everything coming in at the same time. It's three months of solid beating and it wears heavily, especially as I get older, but enough whining. One more week. One more week. One more week.