Friday, November 25, 2011

Focus pocus

Yes, I know I'm behind in blogging again.  Sorry.  I'm very focused on finishing St. Paul again - I love the way the story still pulls me in!  It WILL be available by Christmas, so all those folks that get new Kindle Fires or some other e-reader for the holidays, be ready to buy the updated version! 

I'm also excited to start a new story, although I'd still like to dust the cobwebs off the work I haven't queried/submitted yet, so the next few weeks I'm planning a flurry of activity sending out queries and outlining the new work.  My creativity has been a little low with the "life events" that have been going on the second half of this year, but as I get back into routine and "everyday" things, the creativity is tapping me on the shoulder again, reminding me that's it's still there, right where I left it.  I'm thinking it's not necessarily a bad thing that the juices have been a little thick and not free flowing - it helps with the editing to be more objective and not try to free associate into a new story arc on something that works fine as it is.

I've added new books to my TBR pile - it's helpful to move forward when you read something you enjoy.  As a writer, reading someone else's work reminds you of those lessons easily forgotten, and it also reminds ME that you can't please all the people all the time, so stay true to your own writing.  I just read two books by one of my favorite authors, and then I went back and read the reviews on those books.  I enjoyed them - flawed though they may have been - but I read some very unfavorable reviews.  Still, this author knocks out new stories and has a loyal following (me included). 

Okay, feeling a little rusty here.  The creativity needs a little tuning to get back into clear focus.  Will try to get back to regular weekly posting - thanks for sticking with me!


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