Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Joy of Writing

There are times when writing is exceptionally frustrating.  This is especially true when you hit a plot hole or a snag, or you get overwhelmed following dead-end tangential plotlines.  It can be downright fatal to a story in process.

And then there are the other moments.  The moments when you read what you've written and it feels like magic.  "This is the story I wanted to write!"

I have been taking full advantage of some spare time that fell into my lap to tie up loose ends and revisit old stories that desparately need to be "shopped."  The rewrite/10th anniversary edition of St. Paul is all but done and I'm still expecting to get that out there for people to load onto their new Christmas Kindles. :-) 

I've also picked up Living Canvas again, which has been sitting idly by while I got lost in those aforementioned tangents and plot holes. I have a clearer vision of what forward progress looks like with that story.  I've contacted an editor to check me (of course, I have to complete my edits first) and then I can decide if I want to keep pulling out the "resting" stories on my shelf or move ahead with something fresh.

And speaking of the a new story - I'm anxious to get to it, but I have an overdeveloped sense of order.  Compulsive finisher.  This might work to my disadvantage, not that I'm worried I'll lose my inspiration, but as I wrote a year ago, I've always wanted to write a Christmas kind of story.  My concern is that if I don't get started on it now, while the season is bright and inspiring, I might lose the Christmas angle that might fit in with this one.  Waiting for the new year could potentially lead to post-Christmas burnout, kind of like how the first snowfall is awe inspiring, but after a couple of months of persistent snow, it becomes tiresome.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas.  Christmas Crazy.  I'm listening to carols now, and it isn't quite December.  But would Christmas feel as special if we celebrated it 365 days a year?  Too much of a good thing, doncha know.

I digress.  My point today is that in all things there is both joy and disappointment.  Even the moon waxes and wanes.  I'm in a waxing period now where my writing brings me joy and feels a little less like work.  Fortunately, right now I have the time to put into it while this feeling it is on the rise, because too soon, it will be over and the waning will begin.  These phases help maintain a sense of balance, and it reminds me that through it all, writing is always one of the joys in my life.


  1. Interesting. I've always wondered how writers managed to keep up with the creativity day in and day out.

  2. It's those times when the words and ideas flow that make all the work and worry and isolation worth it.

  3. Yes it is, Carl. and Mario's Mom, it isn't always easy to be creative! That's when the editing is much easier, because you are more objective.