Friday, December 30, 2011

And a Happy New Year

I'm hoping that everyone reading this enjoyed the first holiday of the season and was able to spend some time with family and/or friends.  Now on to New Year's.

Some years back, I learned about the Scottish celebration of Hogmanay.  It's one of those odd holidays where they can't tell you exactly how it started or what it means, but one of my favorite definitions is that the word is a derivation of "hug me now."  There are many customs, both national and local, associated with Hogmanay. The most widespread national custom is the practice of 'first-footing' which starts immediately after midnight. This involves being the first person to cross the threshold of a friend or neighbour and often involves the giving of symbolic gifts such as salt (less common today), coal, shortbread, whisky, and black bun (a rich fruit cake) intended to bring different kinds of luck to the householder. Food and drink (as the gifts) are then given to the guests. This may go on throughout the early hours of the morning and well into the next day (although modern days see people visiting houses well into the middle of January). The first-foot is supposed to set the luck for the rest of the year. Traditionally, tall dark men are preferred as the first-foot.  One of these days that might just make a good setting for a story, eh? I have friends who have spent hogmanay in Scotland - sounds like a good enough reason to go back (as if I need a good reason).

Meanwhile, I'm making excellent progress with Living Canvas. It should be ready in time for the Chicago writer's conference.  And in case I haven't mentioned it lately {G} the tenth anniversary edition of The Treasure of St. Paul, retitled Touched by the Sun, is available for e-readers (Kindle, Nook, Sony, etc.) and a hard copy will be available by the first of the year (if not sooner). I've included links below . . .

Click here if you have a Kindle.

Click here if you have a Nook.

And click here if you have another e-reader.

To purchase a paperback copy, click here

(this concludes the commercial portion of this post).

Happy New Year!


  1. So very happy you are offering this on the Nook too. So many authors only go with Kindle. I just bought it and an anxious to read it.

  2. I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think :-)