Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On a roll

Weekly blog, take 2

I wrote this blog posting previously, but it seems to have vanished into Internet oblivion. So let's see if I can do it a second time.

I'm on a roll with the new story! At least as much as I can be while still losing my mind at the day job (deadline, one more time). I have a good friend who I've been brainstorming with and she's into it, which makes me into it, and which takes my mind off waiting for replies on my Living Canvas queries. The new story is also helping me cope with an impossibly oppressive busy season at work (see my post about writing as therapy - definitely stress relief).

This weekend, I'm headed to the Chicago Spring Fling writers conference. I have a pitch appointment with a publisher I'd love to get in with. Let me tell you a little about pitch appointments. My first pitch, at the Chicago conference lo those many years ago, I was extremely nervous. For starters, I hadn't signed up soon enough to get one, but (shout out to best selling author, Simone Elkeles) the conference organizer took me under her wing and got me in on a cancellation. I was so nervous! Since then, I'm more excited than nervous. This is the chance to meet someone who can help me further my writing and form a relationship with them. Two years ago, there was one publisher who had extra spots, so some of us doubled up. It wasn't a publisher I was necessarily targeting, but any exposure is good, right? When I met her, I can honestly say I never saw someone less interested in networking in my life. Yes, she asked for a partial, but she listened with a bored expression on her face and looking as if she'd rather be anywhere else than at a writers conference taking pitches. But hey, that's what she signed up for. It reinforced my opinion that this wasn't a publisher I cared over much about. This year, I have one that's top on my list! I'm excited! Now to perfect my pitch ...

In the meantime, I'm on a roll with the new story. It's alive and running and whispering "series" in my ear. This is when writing is fun! So until I hit the middle of the novel blahs, I'm remembering why I love to write!


  1. Oh I'm so excited for you. What a great feeling it must be to create a story that people really want to read. I really envy you talented people - yes writing is a talent. All of us can say words, but it's a great talent to put the words together in a way that it's fun and interesting for a reader to want to read it and read more of it. You go girl!