Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Fling

Yes, the title could relate to the beautiful weather we've had, although I have to say, I'm a little unsure of what to expect for the summer if spring is showing up a month early.  But that's another story . . .

Spring Fling is also the name of the Chicago Writer's Conference coming up at the end of the month.  In addition to crashing through the busiest time of year at the day job, I've been diligently trying to get Living Canvas ready to pitch to agents and publishers at the conference.  I'm pleased to say that it appears to be done, although it could use one last look over.  I'm always a little leery when I do a "last look" and find glaring errors.  In fixing those, oftentimes I make new ones that get overlooked; hence, one more time.  At this stage, though, its more mechanics and less storyline problems.  That's the good news!  That's easy.

The pitch?  No, it doesn't mean I'll be tossing the completed manuscript at them.  It means I need a good "tag line," something provocative that will invite someone to look a little deeper, and then a short summary that will entice them to want to read it.  I've had good success with pitch sessions in the past.  It seems I can present pretty well in person, but I haven't been as successful with the written presentation that follows.  We'll see if that can't change this year.

I'm also looking forward to hanging out with writer friends that I've met at prior conferences.  It's fun to spend time with people who completely understand the writing end of things-the good and the bad.  I always come away inspired and refreshed.  For all the times when you wonder why you waste the time writing such drivel that no one could possibly want to read (a.k.a. writer's angst), the conferences are like a pep rally that give you tools to keep the writing from being drivel.  It's also encouraging when you hear well-known, multiple-published authors tell you that they still get an occassional rejection.  We can't always get it right.

And so, as I struggle to stand back up after being crushed under the craziness of a seasonal day job, I'm looking forward to refreshing my muse and updating my writing skill set for the changes in the industry.


  1. congratulations! Hope your conference is very successful and you find someone to publish your book for you

  2. Thanks, Mario's Mom :-) Heard back from my second "beta" reader (I suppose that becomes the theta reader?) with positive feedback. One more to go (thank you to my three sisters). Makes me feel encouraged going into the conference.