Monday, August 6, 2012

A Day in the Life . . .

Best laid plans often go awry, or maybe distractions make it easier to procrastinate?

My son came home for the weekend. I knew he was coming, although I wasn't sure which day. So went to bed Friday night, and I guess my "Mom Radar" is rusty from not having the kids home anymore. An hour and a half after I went to bed, he came home. Quietly. While I was asleep. And I didn't hear him. I have bat ears. Or at least I used to. My kids couldn't sneak in because I wake up at every little noise. Or used to. I woke up Saturday morning and saw his bedroom door closed. Imagine that! Someone broke into my house and all they did was close his bedroom door. It was almost like one of those Folgers commercials. Except nobody was making coffee. I spent some time with him on Saturday, catching up, crossing paths while I did my chores and he ran his errands.

He had plans on Sunday, so he wasn't around much. That gave me most of the day to fix the holes in "Quiet," although instead I found myself making trailers for Living Canvas. Procrastination, you know. I have to write suspense scenes in "Quiet," actually put my characters in mortal peril, and that is still difficult to do. In spite of that, I managed to edit a major portion of the work (and that counts!).

As of Monday morning, my son has returned to his developing life. Back to college, and work until college starts. No more distractions for me (other than the everyday). Back to putting my characters in mortal danger without a net (although it's still up to me to give them a way out).

I make a lousy bad guy. The police keep getting there too quickly (I keep wanting to save my "friends" from the evils of the story). That being said, "Quiet" is darn close to done!

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