Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Doing the happy dance

I've finished my editing checklist!

Does that mean edits are completed?  No, but the worst is over. I'll have to read through Mist on the Meadow one more time (maybe more than one more time) to make sure I haven't created new problems with the edits. That should all fall under the realm of misplaced words, though.  Easy-peasy.

There is something liberating about completing this process. I feel empowered! I have confidence in the story and in the strength of the writing (which may all come crashing to pieces once I finish re-reading, but let me enjoy the moment).

My horoscope for the day says to jump into new projects with my sleeves rolled up.  Yes, I feel like I could/should start the new story. And with that comes the resolve to write clean from the start.

Yeah, that'll last about two chapters.

We all have our obsessive/compulsive traits. Mine is to finish something that I've started. As much as I'm itching to start my French Spicevendor story, I need to finish Mist on the Meadow. And write a logline. And a synopsis. And a blurb. {sigh} Someone asked me at one of the book signings what the new book was about, and I had a hard time telling her (largely because I was focused on selling Living Canvas, mind fimly set on relaying that one clearly and concisely). Nothing like standing there saying, "ummm. . . . ahh . . . well . . . you see its about . . . well . . . "  So how about this . . .

"The way to this man's heart is through his head."

Marissa Maitland is your ordinary, run of the mill café owner, until her “Herr Drosselmeyer” great-uncle shows up for Christmas. He bestows on her a family legacy, a gift for her twenty-fifth birthday on the Winter Solstice. But this is no ordinary gift.

Wolf Harper has gotten along fine for the last eleven years without familial attachment. The only thing he has left is the family business – which his uncle is running into the ground. Upon his grandmother’s death, Wolf is compelled to honor an obscure “last request” which he hopes will save the company. It isn’t until after he’s rear-ended Marissa’s car that he discovers his grandmother’s last request is meant to save him.

No? Yeah. Well I'll keep working on it. Let's not spoil the moment. Right now, I'm doing the happy dance.


  1. You are amazing. I don't know how you can work on two books at the same time. I just finished Touched By THe Sun and really enjoyed it. We had visited Italy about 4 years ago on a cruise and really really enjoyed that trip. Reading your book brought back many memories and I could visualize the setting.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! We just got back from our visit to Italy in October. Loved it!