Friday, November 30, 2012

Free for the weekend!

This weekend I'm giving a Christmas present to my friends and followers.  Friday through Sunday, you can download a free e-book version (Kindle, Nook, Sony reader, etc.) of Living Canvas! Click here to download your copy! The only thing I ask in return is a review or a rating on your favorite book site (Amazon, BN, iBooks, Goodreads, etc.) when you've finished. Authors love feedback (good, bad or indifferent).

I've been adding lots of books to my "TBR" pile. Christmas is often when I stock up on new authors or books by my favorite authors.  Looking for a Christmas idea? Buy the reader in your life an Amazon Kindle gift card - that gives them the opportunity to pick and choose and take a chance on an author they might not otherwise buy because, in essence, they're getting the book as a gift (read "free"). Likewise, Barnes & Noble has gift cards, and there's always the iTunes gift cards. 

I'm excited to have finished edits for Mist on the Meadow, so it's ready when my editor is (she has me scheduled in January). I also did an outline for a new story (as yet untitled), but right now that feels like a climb up Mt. Everest. With the holidays upon us and life events happening, looking at another hike up a mountain is a little intimidating. It's always a thrill to start out, but with the rugged climb I just completed (metaphorically speaking, of course), I'm more inclined to revisit one of the manuscripts sitting on the shelf to push it forward (or throw it in the trash).  Epitaph is the story that is reaching out to me, and once that one finds its way either forward or lost forever, I will have moved the last of my shelved stories that I feel is workable. It's fun to pick it up again, re-read it and I still like it! Why did it go to the shelf instead of to an editor, you ask? There are some areas that need improvement, but fixing something that's already written feels more like climbing a hillock instead of a mountain. Much more manageable and slightly less brain power required.

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