Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I can't, I won't, I don't

Pet peeve day at Karla's blog. Had a rude revelation at the day job during which I sent a request to a cooperative department and they rejected it.  I didn't spoon feed them the information, even though they already have it. So I basically said "WTF?" and the response was, "that's not protocol." They decided that logical, rational thought was outside thier job description. Since when is this type of attitude acceptable?

When I was growing up, if I said I can't, my father said "you can."  If I said I won't, my father said "you will." And if I said I don't, my father said, "you do." This is the entrepreneurial spirit on which our country was founded. "Can-do" spirit. So I really struggle with people who, in good conscience, say "no." I can't even blame it on the other department being staffed by "millennials." These people grew up in the same era I did. But clearly thy didn't know my father.

Is the entrepreneurial spirit lost? Isn't this EXACTLY what's wrong in Congress? "That's not protocol. Don't ask me to think for myself. I'll only do what I want to do and forget about everyone else."

I wish I could feel comfortable blowing something off now and then, but when all is said and done, I think I'd rather say, "thanks, dad."


  1. Loved your rant and everyone is entitled to one now and then. I also think you are "right" on about your comment regarding Congress. Wish we could take their salary away from them until they show some work being done.

    On a better note - I've finished Intimate Distance and LOVED the book. I never will understand how an author dreams up the character, plot and actually writes the book. As you can tell, I'm not creative and I think you need creativity - maybe even to be good at daydreaming? Anyway, I've read all three of your books now and am anxiously awaiting for the next one to be published.

  2. Thanks Mario's Mom! The next one (Mist on the Meadow) is queued up, and pending what the agents tell me, it could be available for publication in another six weeks.