Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's Talk about the Weather

My brain is overloaded.  March Madness means a whole different thing for the accounting industry. Creativity continues to poke me, but I don't have the time to jot anything down unless I want to give up sleeping.  I want to keep moving on the story in-progress.  I have another one I'm determined to write (Cinda's story, if you read Living Canvas - people continue to tell me how much they dislike her, so I figured she deserved a story of her own). And the second in the series that will start next month (fingers crossed).

I want to write!

Instead, I took some time off to go on a girls' weekend with three friends to celebrate a milestone birthday for one of them. How nice to go "unplugged" for a couple of days! Well, maybe not 100% unplugged, but mostly. Down time. Unwinding time. We rented a house in Galena, Illinois, and the weather kept us mostly locked inside, which was fine. We sat at the kitchen table all day on Saturday, in our pajamas. Fourteen hours of food, games, drinks, conversation and camaraderie. The weather was wet and gloomy and foggy, and we were in the backwoods where the fog doesn't lift. On Sunday, we went into town and got rained on, then back to the house where we built a fire in the fireplace and sat and talked some more. By the time we needed to vacate, it started to snow. Not serious snow, but snow, nonetheless.

Which brings me back to the climate.  Last year at this time, spring had started with a bang, sending us into a year where the seasons were all a month ahead of time. The long/late winter seems to portend that we will be back on schedule this year.

Yes, I'm rambling without much in the way of a thread to my thoughts except, "let's talk about the weather." That's what happens when the day job takes over my entire life. But we're halfway through March, and March is the most intense month of work, so in a couple more weeks, maybe I'll get my brains back. And more time to write. And maybe more interesting blog topics.



  1. Oh I love Galena! It's so picturesque and quaint. I'm with you on the weather - it's frustrating., Monday I have a doctor's appointment in our major city with a PD specialist. Now they have forecasted a major winter snow storm for that day. I just hate to cancel, but it's no fun driving 2 1/2 hours that now has turned in 3 `1/2 hours either. SPRING - please come soon.

  2. Yes, ready for spring and flowers and warm weather and strawberries in my garden.