Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Titles - or How to Summarize a Book in Four Words or Less

I am finishing up the first draft of my next novel, which began with an inspiration from the Grimm’s Fairy Tale of “The Shoemaker and the Elves.” Yes, well, it isn’t anything like that story, really, even though my working title is "Schumaker and The Elf Writer."

From the time Michelle’s father left to serve his country and never returned, Michelle has grown used to men leaving her, and her attractive new tenant is no exception. In spite of their initial attraction, she is determined not to become involved with a man she knows up-front will leave her. But her long-lost father has something to say about that . . .

Author Keith Schumaker is renting a home near the hospice where his mother lays dying while he finishes his latest novel. His agent assigns a ghostwriter to him to get him to “the end,” a ghostwriter who, unbeknownst to Keith, is also his landlord.

Michelle Alvere donates an egg to help her sister conceive, but her sister refuses to help Michelle recuperate after complications from the procedure send Michelle into surgery. Michelle rents out her home and runs away to the South of France to visit an aunt until the baby's due date, but the author renting her house back home isn’t ready to vacate. 

If you're wondering where I came up with "The Elf Writer," based on the "Shoemaker and the Elves," I picked Michelle's surname to represent something Elfin. Alvere, in French, translates to Elf Counsel. As a ghostwriter, that's kinda sorta what she does . . .

Any title suggestions?

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