Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Warm Fuzzies

I'm gratified to have received new reviews this week. They are especially wonderful because of my state of "in between."

Finishing a novel is often compared to childbirth, and for my part, I believe it to be an accurate analogy. There is period of recovery after you've finished, before you are have the mental energy to start again. Granted, I have taken the preliminary steps with the next one, but I'm "taking it easy." I know Schumaker will need more attention to get it to its marketable form, and some days it feels like its never going to be finished. Feedback helps to keep me motivated. Just when I begin to wonder why I keep writing, when I wonder if starting a new one is a waste if time - that state of between the book I've just finished and the next one I want to write - someone tells me how much they enjoyed the books I've already written and its just that extra burst of oomph that pushes me forward.

Have to also succumb to a higher power. I posted not long ago that I didn't have a friend like Cinda so I had to look up her personality profile. Actually, when I first started Living Canvas, she was based on a friend I had years ago. Recently, I've had the experience of another "friend" to highlight what it is about Cinda that is so disagreeable, which makes me anxious to delve back into her character. Of course the goal here is to redeem Cinda!

Thank you, to my kind readers. I'm continually humbled by your appreciation of my hard work. With that being said, it's time to wake up my sleeping assistant and hunker down. There's work to be done!


  1. What a great post. Whatever you do - keep writing. Your Work is very good and I've enjoyed your books. You have talent and a knack for it, so keep moving forward. Oh, I love your assistant - a orange baby! What beautiful eyes.

  2. Thanks, Mario's mom. Don't know if I could stop writing if I wanted to! And every time I get discouraged and swear I'm going to do it for my own amusement, something nudges me to keep on. Thanks for your support.