Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pins and Needles and a Public Service Announcement

The MS is with the editor. I don't always get jittery over these things, but for some reason, I'm nervous about this one! I'm confident in what I've written, am expecting some criticism on parts that I may not have fleshed out to the satisfaction of certain readers (but hoping I've addressed them at least enough that they won't kill the whole story). I have a beautiful cover waiting in the wings (depending on the final title). So why the nerves?  Probably because of the mixed reviews of the beta readers (which includes the critique group). So fingers crossed. Hopefully I've addressed all the deficient areas sufficiently.

Research scheduled this week. For those of you who may not know, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This is a topic that will show up in Cinda's novel. My library is doing a series to help people who are involved in - either directly or indirectly - these types of situations, and what to do and how to handle it. Coincidentally, I spent some time at the hospital over the weekend in the surgical waiting room and saw a notice in the restroom that directs people to talk to their physician if they are a victim of domestic abuse, along with a long list of traits of abusers. With that being said, consider this my own personal PSA. It is NOT okay for people to hit other people, especially not okay for men (who are stronger) to hit women. NO ONE should call you stupid and stomp on your self-esteem. These people serve no purpose in your life, but they thrive on people who are willing to fill that need in their life - the need for a punching bag, either physically or emotionally. If you are on the receiving end, please get out and/or get help. Call your clergyman, call a policeman, or call your physician. There is NO JUSTIFICATION to treat ANYONE that way. End of sermon of the day.

I've got a good start on Cinda's story, but will have to take another break from it with an October deadline at the day job and with edits coming back for "Schumaker" (which will likely be titled Heart for Rent, with an Option). I'm in transition, but expecting to jump full into marketing and writing again before the end of the month. Personal setbacks aside, that creative energy is humming. "Pins and needles" includes being anxious to settle back into the writing groove!

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