Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday cheer

First! Let me help you with your Christmas shopping by offering a discount on Heart for Rent, with an Option. This discount is only available until Christmas Day using Coupon Code VX35C at

And then let me share some fun with you. I'm taking some time off this week to celebrate the new baby and One Young Son's graduation. Pardon my indulgence in family time this week. 

This author is not keen on having her photo taken! As evidenced by the expression on my face at the Christkindlmarkt (and yes, that is DH laughing behind me and my nephew wondering why I'm making a goofy face). 

And then there are those moments when I don't mind having my picture taken, like when I'm holding this little bundle of love. Congratulations to my DD and son-in-law on the birth of their second precious gift from God. 


  1. Congratulations on becoming a Gma - what a beautiful baby and mom. And, congratulations to the son who graduated. You have a lot off good stuff to celebrate this holiday season.,