Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cold as Ice

For anyone keeping score, I'm probably halfway through my next endeavor. Pushing hard on the writing because the next few months will lock me up at the day job (nearly literally). I'd like to get as far into Cinda's story as I can before it becomes a struggle to allocate my personal time.

On the plus side, the weather has been cooperative for someone who wants to be trapped behind a computer. This has been a wicked winter! I am not a fan of cold. With that being said, I did venture out into the Chiberian cold to visit the Community Crisis Center, where I had a fascinating discussion with my new friend, Ruth. And the Executive Director, Gretchen. Thanks, ladies! Otherwise, I've been firmly planted behind my computer creating Cinda's world.

Chiberia is the coined phrase for the Siberian-type weather we are experiencing in and around Chicago (as well as across a big chunk of the Midwest). With my "dedicated writing week" at an end, I'm now faced with having to go out into the arctic climes. Can I just say I'm not amused? At some point, cold is cold and it doesn't matter what the temperature is. Subzero ceases to impress. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about the PSAs that say don't go out in this (although not all of us have that luxury). It isn't something to be taken lightly. The weather is making national headlines and has wreaked havoc.

And so my friends, keep warm. Watch out for black ice (which doesn't melt when the temperatures are this severe). Stay safe. Curl up with a book to ride out mother nature's temper tantrum (one of mine ought to warm you some!)

Chicago at -2 copyright Scott Kleinberg


  1. The picture of one of the canals in Chicago is beautiful. So happy to hear you are progressing on your next book. Since I'm located north of you, I'm pretty much housebound too - thus my Nook has been on constantly. Thank God I like to read books or I'd be really bored. Stay warm - I hear February is going to be like January.

  2. Mario's mom, the photo is one of the bridges over the Chicago River (and I agree, it is beautiful, which is why I snagged it ;-)). I have heard that the next two weeks will continue to bring these polar plunges, but I do hope it ends soon!