Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Lost in Space

Today is rant day on the blog.

For several years, I was a happy Yahoo user. There were the occasional glitches, but who doesn't have a blip now and then? The straw that broke the camel's back was when my emails started coming hit or miss. Sometimes I'd get them, sometimes I didn't. As some of you may know, I also do book reviews. I had several requests for reviews come through my email, but when some of these authors tried to send me a review copy of the book, the emails weren't coming through. Likewise, when I recently won a contest for Mist on the Meadow, I got the original notification, but none of the additional information that they sent along, including the judges notes. The emails were lost in space. That's when I said "enough!"

I did contact Yahoo to tell them about my missing emails but "they couldn't replicate the problem." Nope, neither could I. Random shots into the nethersphere. I deal with this same problem at the day job. "Can't replicate your problem. Therefore, it doesn't exist." Tell that to the customer. Not an acceptable answer. Something is clearly wrong. Do I understand that they can't fix it if they can't make it happen? Yes, but it doesn't solve the problem. My resolution was to change to a different host.

The amazing part is that I don't think I've ever lost a personal email through Yahoo. Ever. So how is it that the bizmail gets lost?

End rant. Had to get it off my chest. To any of you who may have requested a book review and I didn't respond, now would be a good time to test out my new email service - same address, different road to get there.

Back to writing. See you soon!

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