Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Playing in the Big Leagues

The best thing about writer's conferences is having the chance to get an "inside view" of the publishing industry. E-books have changed the way people read. Pure and simple. But the process remains essentially the same.

I met two awesome editors, both of who gave me some excellent advice/feedback. Thanks to Amanda Bergeron from Avon Books for encouraging me to send my work for consideration, and thanks to Liz Poteet from St. Martin's Press for reading a part of Cinda's story and offering her thoughts (and for inviting me to send along other projects).

I attended some extremely interesting sessions, one of which was an inside view to what happens to your "baby" once the editor/agent tells you they love it. The presenter explained all the hoops they have to jump through to get it from "I love it!" to the bookshelf through some very interesting stories.

Writers conferences are always worthwhile. I'm sure I've heard some of this information before, learned many of these subjects, but I always take something fresh away.

And I got to meet Mary Balogh, one of my favorite authors. No, I didn't gush, but I did tell her how much I enjoy her books, I did impose on her for this photo, and I did get her autograph when she sat down in the hotel lobby later with her Kindle to read.

And now, I have work to do on Cinda's story! I came away from this experience with a decent elevator pitch and a blurb that is workable (still needs a little fine tuning). And for that, I thank the wonderful ladies I met there.

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