Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Technology for Authors

I'm excited to announce that the Romance Writers of America has developed an app for romance readers.

The app is called "Novel Engagement," and it will help you find your favorite author, a book by keyword (topic) and it will alert you when your favorite author releases a new book!  (ahem, Rekindling is currently expected in October due to scheduling issues). If you have an iOS or Android device, it is scheduled to go live today.

They're still fine-tuning things over there, but it appears to be functional.

In this day and age of instant technology and self-service, I am amazed at the things people come up with! Some of us struggle with technology, and while I am pretty computer friendly on the whole, there are days as I get older that I have a hard time keeping up with the constant changes. On the plus side, these changes create job opportunities for other techies who are willing to help out.

In other news, I'm working on a re-edit of some old work. While Rekindling is completed, it needs fine-tuning. To give myself a fresh perspective, I'm taking a couple of days of "time out" (working on the re-edit) and then it will be full speed ahead on the new release. Rekindling is on my editor's schedule for the end of July.

Here's the preliminary elevator pitch/blurb to whet your appetite:

An angry young man returns to his home town, hoping to win back his first love. Instead he has to protect her from the danger that follows him.
After nine years away, Brody Parkhill returns to his home town to consult with the owner of an outdated building for its possible sale. He discovers that the building is leased to a crisis center, and his friends from high school are deeply engrained in its operation. An uncomfortable situation grows worse when his boss sees Brody’s personal connections at the center as a conflict of interest and fires Brody. Now he’s left to face emotions he’d hoped to leave behind in the town he fought so hard to escape.

The last person Cinda Cooper expected to see after a night out was her best friend from high school, Brody Parkhill, the one who was supposed to help her escape her troubled home life. The one she hasn’t seen or heard from for nine years. A series of crimes following his arrival make her wonder if the angry young man he used to be has matured into someone dangerous.

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