Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So what does one do when they've finished writing a novel?

Rekindling is off to the editor! I'd like to tell you that it's in perfect shape and will come back quickly with minimal comments, but that's a post for another day. I will say that I expect it to be in halfway decent shape and it is reasonable to believe it will not be further delayed - still expecting an October release.

That being said, the next question is "what do I do now?"

1.  Clean my house! Mundane things can suffer when you are in the throes of writing and editing.
2.  Take a vacation. Relax. Writing a book is often compared to childbirth and requires a recovery period. Even the men will tell you that. I just read an article by Stephen King where he didn't compare it to childbirth, but he DID say you need at least six weeks of recovery upon finishing the first draft to go back at it with a critical eye. The second benefit to vacation time is inspiration. Get new inspiration in a new environment.
3.  Learn new things that you can use in your next book.
4.  Catch up on your reading. (I just read four new books!)
5.  Start writing/outlining the next book.
6.  Book "housekeeping" things. Prepare marketing efforts, blurbs, elevator pitches.
7.  Bake some cookies! What better way to celebrate!

I plan to do all of the above, not necessarily in that order. Some I've already done, some are on my schedule to do.

The work isn't over until Rekindling is "on the shelves," but I'm at the end of the process. A toast, then, to another happily ever after!


  1. So true. You have to shift gears, wind down, open the taps, insert your favorite cliche, before tacking another project. Cleaning my desk comes to mind. Watching the hummingbird wars at the feeder is another nice mind-clearing event.

    1. Congratulations on finishing your next one, as well! Also coming out in October, yes?

  2. Congratulations on reaching the end of this process. You deserve a break. It must be a little bit of a let down tho. I know when I worked 10 months of the year (school system), I always went thru a period of feeling "let down" for a week or two until I got used to being free during the day. Can't wait to read it.

  3. It's actually very freeing (although I'm not done yet!) I'm sure I'll be lamenting again in a couple of weeks when I get back all the editor's comments, but knowing there's nothing more I can do until then leaves me to pursue the list above!