Wednesday, August 20, 2014

In case you thought I was slacking off on the writing stuff

My editor has finished her first pass on Rekindling and I am busily working out the kinks. And in case you think I've been doing NOTHING during the editor's perusal, NOT SO.

I'm putting down the sequel to Mist on the Meadow, which I am tentatively calling "Gathering Mist." For those of you who have read MOTM, you'll know that it includes that paranormal element along with suspense, not to mention the German folklore piece. Now that you've met Marissa and know about her special talents, you're going to find out what she's going to use them for, along with answering the question, "what's up with Wolf?" The suspense will escalate as they move through this second book in the series, resolving the crisis at hand only to be staring at an event bigger crisis in the third installment (but I'm getting ahead of myself).

In spite of taking some time away from my computer, as you've seen in my recent posts, I continue to hone my craft, mostly because there's always a story buzzing around inside my head. The "down time" is essential to focus -- Rekindling is taking a little longer because I haven't had the "refresh and restore" time. Now that I've given myself that time, I'm ready to tackle my edits and take what I believe is a good story and make it much better (giving a nod to my patient editor who probably thinks I write like a schmo). Even with a straight line while I was writing, even with defined characters, I second-guessed myself too often (lack of down time results in angst and indecision) and the story suffered for it. I'm ready with the lemon Pledge now.

Gathering Mist is spilling onto the page like a broken water main, so after I've switched focus to address the final edits to Rekindling, the long-awaited sequel to Mist on the Meadow shouldn't be far behind.


  1. You truly are a good author, so keep up the good work. I know it is something you love doing - it comes through in your writing. It's amazing how the characters roll around in your head. Guess that is the difference between someone dreaming about writing a booik (as some of us have done) and actually writing it. I've never had characters swimming around in my head - not once. Fascinating!

  2. Thanks, Mario's mom. and Yes, I absolutely love doing it, even if sometimes its the hardest job I've ever done. And I have to say the edits are going much better than I thought they would (so far!) My hair stylist used to say the same thing, about not having characters or scenarios running inside her head. I guess that reinforces that I was meant to do something about that! Imagination. It can be a blessing - and a curse! LOL