Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Time to Unwind - Wisconsin

Last week, the Big Guy and I did a tour of Wisconsin. Well, half of Wisconsin (it's a big state, after all). Because of our proximity, Wisconsin tends to be a "go-to." We both have family there and the scenery can be spectacular.

Dopey quote of the day: when I visited the Scottish Highlands, I took a walk through the Birks of Aberfeldy. The first thing out of my mouth? "This is just like Wisconsin!" And in many ways it was. The Birks. Not the country.

So without further ado, I leave you with a pictorial post today. We started in Green Bay (do I really need to post a picture of Lambeau Field?) . . .

To Peninsula State Park, Fish Creek (Door County) with views of Green Bay

To a lighthouse tour that took us to Cana Island

To Cove Point County Park (on the Lake Michigan side)

West to visit family before we took a frivolous ride on the Merrimac Ferry across Lake Wisconsin, the water portion of Highway 113 (because we could).


  1. OMG - I live in Green Bay. If you ever get this way again and have an hour or two, it would be fun to meet for lunch or coffee or something. Of course I enjoyed your pictures!!!! I've always thought Wisconsin is a pretty state as I love rolling hills and water. I get bored if I'm around "flat" too much. We lived in Kansas for about 3 months way back when - it was such a boring state. No trees, no hills, just flat farm land. An, of course, I love Door County.

  2. Yes, my dad always used to say he could tell once we'd gotten "north of the border" because we were leaving the flatland behind. I met my editor while in Green Bay and didn't have enough extra time built in to visit another friend who also lives there. Looks like I need to schedule MORE time in Green Bay next time around (and can you make sure they finish that road construction?)