Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Deadline Day!

First - I need to thank everyone who showed up to the FaceBook launch and also to the folks who ventured out to the library to meet me live and in person! I hope you all enjoy Return to Hoffman Grove and I'm looking forward to reading the reviews on what you thought of it! I will continue to share my royalties (ebook and paperback) with the Community Crisis Center through July 1 of next year, so if you like the book, recommend it to a friend and support a good cause while you're at it.

I'm going to let you in on a secret: one of my male coworkers stopped by my desk to congratulate me on my sixth release and told me he planned to buy a couple of my books to find out about my writing. Here's the secret. I'm always surprised when a man wants to read my books. Not that men don't appreciate romance, but because it is so much a woman's genre that I'm always caught a little off guard. I did warn him (because I didn't want him to be surprised), along with a reminder that I write FICTION. It's all made up.

And speaking of work, today is deadline day. I'm not ashamed to tell you that many of my posts are written ahead of time and post on a schedule. This has certainly been an exciting week for me, with the book launch, the book signing and assorted out-of-town visitors added in. Oh, and did I mention the deadline? (oh, I did. Sorry.) And so this post is auto-launching while I am no doubt pulling my hair out and trying to maintain a semblance of order to the chaos that accompanies these days. Fortunately, I have a well-developed (if not overdeveloped) sense of order.

Next week I'll dive back into the second of the Kundigerin trilogy. And no, that's not procrastination, that's me trying to keep up with everything without losing my mind. The story is coming along nicely, I'm past the halfway point, but I need "alone time" with it. It's time for the antagonist to get nasty, and that always causes me a little turmoil. Once my life settles again, rest assured I will go full speed ahead with the writing. I've reserved a spot with the editor, so I have a deadline to meet.

Holiday season anyone?  Oh. Sorry. Sarcasm. It's all good. Just a little high-stress for a little while. I'll be back next week, hopefully without a straight jacket....

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