Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Baby its cold outside!

As I'm trying to think of what words of wisdom/glimmers of brilliance I can share today, the only thing I can think is BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE.

Ruby's @ Bryce Canyon, 5/2013
I'm a summer person. I don't mind the 90 degree heat (although I could live without humidity and be much happier). I'm not going to complain about how hot I am during the summer, and that's because of days like today. Arctic air is spilling down into the Midwestern United States. We've had a relatively mild spell, and not much snow to worry about, but we couldn't escape winter forever.

So my mind wanders to other times and places to escape the lethal wind chills. Like my visit to Utah, during the spring, when the weather was changeable. Warm and 70 one day, 32 and snowing the next. Or Arizona at 110 degrees at 10 p.m. That's the thing about the United States. We get it all, from the arctic tundra, to the sizzling deserts and everything in between.

But enough whining, complaining, shivering. Still working on edits for Kundigerin 2. I think I have all the plot holes filled, so now it comes down to readability, flow, and then to the "fine grit" sandpaper of pulling out overused words, unnecessary words, etc. So I better get back to it.


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