Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Elgin Literary Festival recap

I was honored this year to participate in an inaugural literary festival in Elgin, Illinois. (and a shout out to everyone who stopped by to say hello, and also to those who bought books!) They had something for everyone, from kids at the library, to fantasy, to self-help. Thank you to YA paranormal author Karly Kirkpatrick for organizing a great event.

The festival was spread around the city, in the old downtown area. Lots of charming venues, interesting break-out sessions. It was a nice way to showcase the city along with the information that was available. I sat on a romance writers panel along with Lisa Jenn Bigelow, Kym Brunner, Simone Elkeles, Nicki Elson, AJ Pine and Joanne Zienty. Excellent company! Fun to compare notes with other authors and answer questions from readers.

They had sessions for YA readers, for paranormal readers, Sci-Fi, fantasy and dystopian, poetry and sessions for writers/aspiring authors as well.

The book signings were done in the same venue where the Elgin Symphony Orchestra plays, and we were lucky enough to be there on Sunday when the symphony was playing Brahms.

So what's next? My next brain storm is brewing. While busy season lurks at the day job, I've been reworking Epitaph in the creative lull "between books," while also thinking ahead to the third in the Kundigerin trilogy, along with the next installment of the Northwest Suburbs. Seems as if that tromp l'oeil idea I've been tossing around would work in conjunction with telling Matt's story. Nobody liked Matt, right? I mean he dumped Audrey, then he fathered a child with Shannon, how can a man like that be redeemed? A new challenge...

Still on track for an April release for Gathering Mist - Kundigerin 2. Sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date on the new releases (click on the "About the Author" tab at the top). Pre-release information should be available within the next 10 days (unless I've made a bigger mess of things than I'd expected!). Anyone else as excited as I am?

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