Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When life gets busy - stress management

You've been listening to me complain about "too much on my plate" lately, with deadlines at work and trying to push the new book out. My brains are rattling inside my head and it seems like there is a hive of bees buzzing around in there (thank goodness they don't sting!). One of the things I like to do to counteract the buzzing is look for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. Consciously take myself out of the stress by looking forward to the "happy" things.

The weather in Illinois is turning. Spring is upon us and I am definitely a Spring person. I love the way the world comes back to life after a long winter. The return of color to the landscape, of wildlife running through the woods. These things make me smile, give me a warm, happy feeling. My Dear Husband and I can go walking, something we enjoy doing together. The young'uns came for a visit. That makes me smile, warms my heart. I bought another book. Books take me out of my head and into a world someone else has created. And then there's the change of venue approach. I have several trips scheduled this year that I can look forward to, both new and different places, and familiar places with people I enjoy spending time with.

What do you do in your down time? What gets you through the crunch times, when you have several "days in a row" of responsibilities and you need a break?


  1. Yoga helps. Walking is good (although today's plans for a nice walk were scrapped when it started snowing). Reading is good. I'll binge-watch some television shows on the DVR.

    1. I haven't found a yoga class yet, but I definitely want to do that