Wednesday, September 2, 2015

An excerpt from the upcoming release

Gathering Mist is in the hands of the editor. As promised, here's a little snippet:

     “I wanted to sketch the skyline by night.” She hesitated. “And I thought I’d watch the sun rise over the lake.”
     She’d drawn the canyon on the sidewalk overnight. Couldn’t she afford a hotel? Max was back to worrying she was homeless. “I couldn’t call myself a gentleman if I left you alone in the big city at night. Let me be your tour guide?”
     “I can take care of myself,” Robin said, irritation returning to her voice.
     Max stuck to his resolve. “I have no doubt about that, but it isn’t smart for a woman to be alone in the city at night.”
     “Are you calling me stupid?”
     Why was she being so defensive? Max never had trouble talking to women. He held up his hands. “You know I’m not. What’s this really about?”
     Robin stood akimbo. “Why should I trust you? I don’t know you.”
     Max glanced at the platforms. He should walk away from his fairy artist and go upstairs, grab something to eat while he waited for the 10:40 train. He was tempted, but the girl screamed vulnerability. He couldn’t, in good conscience, let her walk out into the urban jungle alone.
     As they neared the end of the shopping district, an ominous shadow approached the intersection ahead of them. Max tightened his grip across Robin’s shoulders. A group of people wearing dark clothes rounded the corner, walking toward them. A confrontation didn’t look promising, and he couldn’t tell if the glow was a result of the street light or the scary aura that would identify them as demons.

Have I whet your appetite? And have you read the first two in the "Mist" trilogy? Time to catch up - this one should be ready no later than November! Click on this link to find out more about this series.

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