Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rising Mist - Cover Reveal Part 1

Let's start with Max Maitland. For those of you who have read Mist on the Meadow and Gathering Mist, you'll recognize Max as Marissa's little brother. Well, he just turned 25, and guess what? He has a little something-something going on, too. With Uncle Balt gone, who will be the next Hüter des Geheimnisses? Well, Max, of course! But as with anyone who has no clue this is coming, he's not thrilled that his life is now reduced to being his sister's biographer. So she has something magical about her. What does he get out of the deal?

Max is a social worker, and he's just getting his Master's Degree. He wants to help people, and he still feels a little guilty about what happened at the end of Gathering Mist. And then a waifish woman walks into his sister's cafe, but you should never judge someone by their appearance. 

Tomorrow - the setting.